where , what and how is god

From starting  to till 21th century, world has gone on Moon and sent Rovers to Mars , satellite on Jupiter and  other planets. Even we have programmed to send men on Mars. But we could not find where is GOD, what is GOD,how is GOD. Some say  God is above in the sky. some say inside the Earth at centre.Devotees say god is in temple, church,mosque,gurudwara etc. But science says anything  lives at one place at a time, never be at another place. Then how is this possible God as one identity presents in temple, church , mosque, gurudhwara at same time.

                    world greatest scientist sir Isaac newton once said after his "law of gravitation theory discovery "that i  don't know who, where, and how is God but with firm determination i can say that something mighty power is created us and this universe  . Even very very  very great personalities who ever lived on this planet earth said nothing about god but they said the thoughts of God. They were  Gautam Buddha , Jesus chris, mahavira , Lord Krishna , Hajarat Muhammed Saheb , Guru Nanak dev and so on. They all at their time were sons of someones as we all now. but simple boys ever, have become God among us not for they did miracles things like making  water to oil and oil to water but they followed the path of real god , learned ideas of god, lived as God. Lessons they gave this world were of god but means they all super personalities.

                   Creator created suitable nature for life and millions of lives of different varieties on this Earth. Among all he created one of the most sensible understandable intellectual  life which is us  all human beings. the way God works for welfare for all universe, this way he made us as messagenger  of him on Earth so that without presence of god we would work peacefully for our communities and for other needy creatures for their developments. those who follow god's constituition and work for humanity, become God and others working against God rules, become monster.

                  This is sorrow for humans that today we visit to temples , mosque , church and giving money , bathing idols with milk and water but don't follow what they said . they all said only one thing that is "live  with peace, distribute peace and work for needy with peace" statues  of theirs would be made at crowded  sites by great intellectual devotees  so that upcoming  people see  idols and search about  them who are, what are, and why our ancensters made  idols. As today if we want to launch any products for sale, spread awareness about some thing, then we advertise through news  paper, televisions  etc.

                 but we totally changed the plan of idols makers. in place of following the god thoughts , ideas after seeing  them , we unnecessarly  give them money, bathing with  water and milk. we can see there are fights for their safety among religions.  those who work for us and for saving  this world from any forth coming  menace, there is no need of safety from those who need themselves safety.

             At this planet we all human beings  are god but matter of question is that we are born as a computer without operating  system. we have to decide either we want to become God or monster. someone who follows god's ideas, thoughts  and share them among others, work for others then, they become God for others. if you work for one needy, you become God for this one. if for hundreds, God for hundreds. if for thousands, god for thousands. if for whole planet , god for all creatures.

        Friends if unfortunately something undigestive things occur like accidents then, immediately rescue team don't reach at this site. we common people having at this site, work as rescuers, give them first aid, take them to hospitals and become  God for them. God didn't, don't, and won't come himself. he has given this responsibility  to us and himself  go for creation of other  planet and people like us at there in this unbanked  universe . Because God for all! all! all!  not only  for earthy.


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