India has the biggest, best  and  smartest democracy in the world. but despite of best why it does not work properly. why India suffers from numbers of scams, corruption,  poverty ,unemployment .countries like America Russia Japan  China talk on topic like bullet trains , space science,advanced technology but India talk on honesty and dishonesty. Indian media always busy in defining a politician about his/her honesty and dishonesty. if a good leader wants to elect a good MP or MLA for coming election then he/she takes a month on researching either he is honest or not. 

                Where is fault. is god made chinese, american, japanese different from us. or we mentally very poor than above mention countries people. how we can different from them if only one mighty power has created them and us.are we indians don't want development of india. we all are happy with  this india present condition. if not and we common people honest and support development then where is wrong. 

                         yes there is some biggest problem and that is indian executive system and constituitional rules regarding politicians. if one god  create this world and give safety to all creatures then for a democratic country, politicians are god for their citizens. law made by them may provide a healthy atmosphere or polluted atmosphere for people, make country economically wealthy or very poor. their made law provides a platform for enormous employment or unemployment. the way one rotten mango destroy all mangoes in the basket in such a way, a corrupt leader can destroy the plan of  the development. 

                     regarding the politicians india constituition should have been  very strict  law. if a politician is caught in any government body doing malfuctioning he or she should  be awarded very hard punishment. our constituition provides MP or MLA a very good package for meet their needs very comfortably even bungalow is alloted. securities are provided.then there is no need of any scam  or corruption. but all things happen in favour  of politicians either he is convict of 2G scam, common wealth scam , fodder scam and so on. if a very poor ,compelled of time citizen  is caught in a RS 50,000 and RS 1,00,000  loot. then either he is shot dead or got 20 year imprisonment. 
    politicians are father of  a nation. if a father of four sons are unconstituitional  then there is maximum changes that their sons would be like him.india is the second largest  populated  country in the world. if a popular politician is caught in any misconduct. he or she should be punished because there are a lot of youth s are ready to lead this country.

             if all corrupt politicians are sent jail then even who other corrupt politicians  sitting in system would not dare for any scams. if politicians   come on right track then automatically all bureaucrates  too be tracky with fear irrespective of their wish. because this is very famous story that in the past if the  cruel king was killed in the war of field, their  troops  automatically   surrendered.  

Jai hind Jai Humanity


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