the points which support that ever there were people like us on the venus

we know that venus is the highest hottest planet of our galaxy it temperature is about 500 degree celcius  but because of the nearest to the sun, mercury should have been most hottest.  since LAW of science says that the greater far you go from the hot body lesser heat you get or receive 

it means that sometime the venus had less temperature than the mercury but due increasing in the amount of carbon dioxide the temperature gradually increased. because we all know that the increasing in carbon dioxide brings green house effect

according to science the carbon dioxide increases  when there are carbon contained materials like trees, living creatures,  coals, minerals etc 

ever in the past the lots of meteroids interred in the atmosphere of the venus and causes collision between venus and them lead to a big fire all over the venus 

 all these carbon contained things there  would be burnt fully at same time produced carbon dioxide and became the main cause of the enormous increasing in the temperature of venus atmosphere 

the carbon dioxide can form only when there is presence of oxygen which support in the survival of the living creatures 

the present data of the venus on the earth  also proves that the percentage of carbon dioxide  is 95% 


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