Environmental pollution is a serious international problem

In front of the world humanity, in the midst of the advanced scientific inventions and advanced peaks of civilization, the disturbing monster of pollution is standing in front of it. Its spread of water has spread to the three worlds, to become familiar with this fact and in many ways Despite having suffered the consequences, the man is not being conscious, the defect of throwing on one another, the separation of separation, promotes this mood

      Though the deep flow of pollution has caused a rot in the thoughts and behavior of the people, but the pollution of the water-borne air has put the question mark in front of the existence of the earth and its inhabitants, from bigger factories and cities to concrete and gas Continuous exhaustion of pollution is causing the poison in the earth's atmosphere and the atmosphere. The modern civilization that came from Europe came from the flow of trees and rivers. Rati has been deprived of Saradha and human sensation, we have been cutting trees and big factories are being seated and the concrete and fluid forms released from them are spread in rivers and adjoining areas and continue to be chimneys continuously. The harmful gases found in the air by the smoke do not appear with open eyes, but their impairment is the most fatal; Not only the particle, the brain and the heart also get sick due to the noise pollution spread by the loudspeakers.

                 Pollution is an international problem. To solve this problem, scientists of the world will play an important role in preventing air pollution and water pollution, and the deforested forests should be converted into green vegetation by water pollution. To avoid it, it is necessary that contaminated water is poisoned very bottom of the ground, to prevent sound pollution, Should be restricted Use of loudspeakers should be fully managed, it is necessary to remain free of chemical pollution, to be kept away from factory settlements tomorrow should be good management of water extraction in cities and metros, protecting the environment from pollution Protecting human existence Have to do

                    Therefore, the pollution of the environment has become a serious problem in the world.


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