expectations of a person from god of temple..mosque

Friends, when all the expectations of a person, everything seems to end, then he starts going towards the temple, the mosque , the house of god . With this hope, God sitting there will remove all his problems and he will be able to overcome all the troubles 

                                        But friends, is this true? Is this really possible? Every person will have their own opinion on this, but I believe that this is not true at all. If that happens, then all the people living in this world will never be able to cope with the problem of life because of our sovereign thinking, To do so, a doctor is sitting in the churches, temples, gurudwaras, whoever Allah says, then no god is any master

                                                     There is a lot of religion in this world and all the stereotypes of these religions know very little about their boss that what they said about the goodness of mankind, in whatever way they have given the mantra knowledge that ever The flesh-made Inhan today is in the eyes of God in everybody's eyes, whether he is the Christ of God, the father of Christianity or Gautam Buddha, the birthplace of Buddhism. Goddess of religion is Lord Ram or author of Muslim religion, Hazrat Muhammad Saheb.

                                   All these noble hearts would have never said that after making my statue,  by placing our idol with stones and milking it on fruit, money etc., to keep me the best, violence against other religions would have been said, but it must have said that this world After my departure, after going to the thoughts told by me, walking on the path stated by me, living with love for all people

                      The people of their time understood this. They thought that in the future generations, in order to keep their teachings alive, some steps would have to be taken, and they spread the teachings through the books, then somebody had their idols on the square intersections By creating so that people who go through them see them and think about them and know their thoughts and follow them and this trick was best

                     But as the time passed, the people's way of living changed, they became so much in their work that they did not even have enough time to tell them about the idols of Chowk intersection when a young man first saw it Knowing the people by asking them to know about them, the learner did not have time, and straight away, the idol would have been called as God; Lasted Shon and the result today is between us

  What is the meaning of idols actually placed in the temple, mosque? Why is this kept? Nor does it tell us about it as its sticker, nor do we try to know about them, even a little know, then only one word is God?????????.


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