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In our surroundings when someone suffers from cancer and he/she is in critical situation, then we go his/ her home for giving consolation if he/she is our society's member, we don't be emotional. if he/she is from our family member then we get emotional if not, we try to be emotional. but what is going in mind of patient only he/she himself/herself know better and god too. totally psychologically  get unhealthy, depressed.

                                       Think if such a disease come and takes all creatures of this planet under its one umbrella!!! then world war 3rd starts. you are thinking that how would be it? what would be its shape and size?.  This would be not any biological organism but it is GLOBAL WARMING

                      Friends, God has given us a perfectly arrangeable, suitable atmosphere for survival of all living things. from beginning of creation to till first decade of 20th century every things happen in nature according to god law. but after the first…