How to keep mentally and physically fit ?

To keep mentally fit and physically strong oneself, becomes a challenge for the humanity in the  today's World. To survive on earth not only food and air is important but also physical  and mental fitness needs. Today's people are wasting their all time on the gaining wealth but not  on health why we forget that to get wealthy we will have to keep ourselves healthy mentally and physically because we generate wealth and other needs what we want with our own physical and mental efforts but wealth don't generate us so to keep performing work regularly we will have to keep us fit, balanced otherwise life becomes boring and stressful.

Ways by following we can keep us mentally and physically fit and strong

1. Doing exercises or yoga
       We humans are machine but a little difference is that we are not artificial but natural , god gifted. Our hands ,ears,nose,legs,internal organs all are components of our body as artificial machine s have and to keep it performing working well as like machine we have to need it's maintainance on regular basis  and this activity is only happen when we do excercise and yoga dailly not only evening and in the morning but whenever we get free time
  Doing exercises help us to keep our body parts flexible ,free in movement and  when we perform any hard task like carrying any heavy weight goods or athletic work like running , swimming, jumping etc. We don't feel  masculer pain in our body and this is possible only because of regular doing exercises.

2.  Listening songs and playing any instruments what you like most or your favourite

        Friends ,it is reality that due to busy schedule and earning much money people now a day become stressful, mentally disturbed and inhuman natured. To come out from this unwanted condition we consult doctors and take medical advice and after diagnosis doctors prefer to take some medicine but what we know that what medicine does it changes our internal body metabolism and chemical distribution which is not good for our health in a long run
             If problem inside our body is produced by us then we can solve it ourselves without any medicine and this new and no chemical medicine is music or song . Friends listening music and song or playing any instruments brings a positive change in our mental body performance .it helps us to improve chemical imbalanced  and internal metabolism. You can also realise sometimes it's effect when you listening songs or music during stressful and mentally disturbed time

3.   Visiting natural beauty spot

      Friends world is full with natural beauties given by mighty creator  so whenever we get free time we don't forget to visit these spots when we visit these spots during stressful moment of our life then we forget about our past and we start thinking about this natural beauty how it created who created when created how beautiful full this scene is all about . This start automatically in our mind don't need to pressured ourselves to bring such thinking . This gives us a pleasure , healthy knock to our brain and we forget all about past and dissolved in new  beautiful scene question answering

 4. Visiting religious spots like temple ,mosque ,church like on what your faith

 Suppose you are a follower of God Krishna and you regular  a day in a week  visit temple of Krishna here you fill relax away from your daily working burden era. Here thinking come about god Krishna what he did where he born why people worship him . He would be a nice man at his time that's why people start following him all that and when you know about his struggle and success story you feel relax and want to bring change inside yourself


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