What measures can be taken to protect oneself from corona?

1. It is very important that when you are talking to any person, put a mask, if you do not have a mask, then cover the mouth with a handkerchief, or other cloths. If you want to save from Corona, it is  necessary, very much  …… very much  ……… . necessary.

2. When you are talking, talk in a normal way. Try not to remain in your face front to front position. Do not talk by screaming too loudly, screaming.

3. Rinse with warm water. It may be that the corona particles that have gone into your mouth have still stick in the mucus near your throat. Have not gone inside By doing this you can come out of the mouth and you can avoid infection.

4. If you are infected with corona, then steam of hot water will not kill the corona, but there may be a slight reduction in swelling in your lungs.

5. For Plasmatherapy, take blood stage 2 critical patients and not stage 1 patients.

6. We should avoid the use of ac, especially one which uses AC for many people like in mall, restaurant, in homes where an ac is used by a group of people.

7. Keep taking balanced diet so that your body's health staff (immune system) remains fit to work.

8. If you go out of the house, after return, use sanitizer and take off your mask and wearing clothes and leave them in strong sunlight.

9. Do not always use a mask, handkerchief. Have at least 3 mouth cover kits. Suppose one is used today, then do not use it tomorrow. Leave the corona particle to die in the harsh sunlight.

10. Do not talk with those people who meet more people in a day. Such as those selling tea or vegetables on a hand cart, bank employees, doctors, street policemen. If it is necessary to talk, the mouth  and nose should covered properly with mask.

11. If you are an adult and you have a cough, cold, then for confirmation, first focus on whether there are  corona patients in your area where you keep going. Because the chances of getting common cough are less for big people. so you  may have symptom of corona. 


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